Hip Hop HIIT: (all levels)Extremely easy to follow high intensity cardio Hip Hop with 1 minute intervals of strength & core work.​

​Monday 9:45am & Friday 8:30am

 #2 Advanced Cardio Jazz Funk– (int-adv) A fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz and Latin, this fierce cardio dance class is a non-stop party…get ready to SWEAT!!! Tuesday & Thursday 9:30am

 #3 Beginner/Intermediate Cardio Jazz Funk  – Get out of your comfort zone and Into the groove with this fun and funky cardio dance class. The same choreography as the advanced class but we slow it way down!  

Wednesday 9:30am

#4 Core Strength, Stretch & Roll -A fusion of Core work focusing on the four main abdominal muscle groups and full body stretching followed by self-myofascial release using the foam roller.

Tuesday 10:30am & Saturday 9:30am

#5 Yoga/Pilates fusion - (all levels) A soulful hour with a mix of strength and stretch movement flowing seamlessly to the rhythm of jazz & R&B.

Monday 6:30pm & Wednesday 10:30am

#6 Boot Camp - All levels

Monday & Thursday 6am

#8 Strength Training 

Saturday 8:45 am

#9 Adult Weight Training - (all levels) Small group training session. limit 5 ppl 

Tuesday & Thursday 8:30am           

 #10 Weight Training  for Teens

  NSCA certified strength & conditioning coach focuses on proper form & technique. 

Limit 5 ppl

Saturday 12:30


Classes #1-8
Drop in - $30 (adult classes only) 

10 Classes - $220   20 Classes $390

Class #9 & 10 

10 classes $450

Please Contact us for Personal Training, Private Dance Instruction, Group Training & Group Dance Instruction Rates.


Balanced Bodies Fitness